New Horror Metal Band CREEPSHOW to Release EP, ‘Bump In The Night’!

Rising up from the grotesque bowels of Chicago comes the atmospheric horror metal band, CREEPSHOW. I recently heard a track from these guys and I instantly knew they were a band you’re going to want to know about.

Creepshow is on the verge of releasing their first album, an EP entitled, Bump In The Night.

The band describes their sound as crossover thrash metal with the inclusion of synths, organs, theremins, and other atmospheric sounds but the subject matter will always be geared towards all things horror.

In accordance with the musical subject matter, Creepshow will employ dark and horrific costumes similar to acts like King Diamond and Alice Cooper. The band will keep their identities secretive and separate from their on-stage personas, think Ghost or Ghoul bands.

The band has included a bio that you can read below along with a sample of the track, “Enter the Crypt” from their debut EP along with the artwork and logo.

Creepshow for the longest time was an idea that began somewhere between 2015 and 2016 (We say Halloween because it’s the safest assumption). In the beginning it was set up to be more metal than anything else but as the current lineup formed, we wanted something a little more “out there” as far as style went. We still retained a lot of the core elements such as D-beat, Crossover Thrash, and Black Metal and a lot of our influences stayed the same. The main change came with the introduction of synths, organs, and other oddities such as Theremins. For the most part, Creepshow has become more about the atmosphere itself and while we consider ourselves metal, we also want to adopt techniques from New Wave, 80s synthpop, folk, and several other genres that we find ourselves listening to more often. With artists such as GosT, Carpenter Brut, and Perturbator pushing their own brand of horror, we were all inspired to chase a similar sound but without leaving metal entirely. To describe Creepshow’s sound in a few words: Blackened Synth Crossover is the simplest way, but we hope people will pick up the EP and judge for themselves; there’s a little bit of everything in there.

Uncle Death and his Creepettes came out of a desire to pursue more theatrical looks onstage, and the general concept for Uncle Death is a grim reaper dressed in tattered but classic 80s metal attire while the Creepettes (responsible for summoning him) don hooded robes. We look forward to seeing the look on fans’ faces when they find a grim reaper with a keytar jumping around on stage alongside his loyal cult. A lot of the allure of Creepshow will hopefully be to see us live and we wish to encourage potential fans to embrace the cheese. As a personal preference, Creepshow wishes to remain anonymous and Uncle Death and his Creepettes should be considered their own entities separate from the personal lives of their actors. A lot of inspiration for Uncle Death as a concept comes from horror icons such as The Creep, The Cryptkeeper, Skeletor, Elvira, etc. and as such is usually the spokesperson for the band (not that anyone in particular is in charge). In general, we like to think we have a good sense of humor and our campy brand of horror/comedy is just a reflection of our love for all things spooky.

Our plans for a full length are already in the works and we will be working hard to bring more material into existence. With the release of this upcoming EP, we’re confident that people will find something new and interesting in our sound and we look forward to dropping it soon. As far as subject matter goes, Creepshow is and always will be 100% evil horror metal. Our lyrics and atmosphere are geared toward all things horror such as aliens, creature-feature, heavy topics both mental and social, and all things in between. Whether you’re looking for fast riffs and catchy rhythms or dark/campy and dreadful atmosphere, we’re focused on having something for everyone. We hope you packed a change of pants, as we rise from our crypts at the witching hour to bring you: Creepshow!

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