Official Trailer for Horror Thriller, THE ASSENT!

We have the first official trailer for the upcoming horror-thriller, THE ASSENT. The movie is written and directed by Pearry Reginald Teo.

There is no official release date for this film.

The cast for The Assent includes Robert Kazinsky, Peter Jason, Hannah Ward, Caden Dragomer, Douglas Spain, Eileen Dietz, Margarita Reyes, Ashton Riordan Teo, Lais Pedroso, Megan Henry, Sarah Schultz, Luca Bleu Darnell, William “Will” Daubert, Austin McMains, Josh Schultz, and Bryan James.

Plot Synopsis

Every possession has three acts: 1) the Possession 2) the Affliction and 3) the Assent — the moment when the person finally surrenders and consents to the demon as being part of their soul…
After spending three years in prison for the death of an 8-year-old during a failed exorcism, Father Lambert (Peter Jason) seeks redemption on a young single father, Joel Clarke (Robert Kazinsky), whom he believes has been marked by the Devil himself. Conjuring ‘deliverance’ (unsanctioned exorcisms), Father Lambert convinces Joel that without his help, he will lose his son forever. But there is an even darker force at work

A widower reluctantly seeks the help of a disgraced priest to save his son, whom he believes is possessed by the Devil.

Watch the trailer here:

Source: Teaser trailer

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