Exclusive Interview with 3 FROM HELL/31 Actor Richard Brake!

Richard Brake is a name that you might not be very familiar with but I assure you to the fans of Rob Zombie’s latest films, you definitely know his face. His face is that of Doom Head from Zombie’s cult favorite, 31. His visage with slicked-back hair is not something you’ll soon forget. You might also remember Brake from his brief turn as the morgue attendant in Zombie’s Halloween II. But it’s his starring role in Zombie’s highly-anticipated upcoming sequel, 3 From Hell, that will put Richard Brake on the map and on everyone’s radar. 

In 3 From Hell, Brake stars as Foxy, the half-brother of Otis and Baby Firefly of the infamous Firefly clan from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. In the film, it’s unclear just who is more infamous – Otis, Baby, or Foxy. 

Brake is no stranger to bad-guy roles. In fact, he’s been playing them for years in a plethora of films. He played alongside Nicolas Cage in Mandy and Perfect Skin, Bitter Harvest, Thor: The Dark World, Asylum Blackout, Detention, Outpost, Hannibal Rising, Doom, Batman Begins and Death Machine. He’s also appeared in the TV shows Sanctuary, Supernatural, Ray Donovan, Game of Thrones, Grimm, Mob City, and many more. 

I had the great opportunity to speak with Richard Brake about his role in 3 From Hell, what it’s like to work with Rob Zombie, and what’s on the horizon for him. So read on to get all the dirt!

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Horror Patch: I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with me.

Richard Brake: Thanks, I appreciate it.

HP: You have a starring role in writer/director Rob Zombie’s upcoming horror sequel, 3 From Hell. This isn’t the first time you’ve worked with RZ. In fact, this is the third film that you’ve worked on with him. 

RB: And hopefully not the last, lol. Yeah, this is the third one. Halloween II, 31, and then this one. 

Richard Brake in 31

HP: Yeah. How did you guys hook up together in the first place?

RB: With Rob, if you haven’t worked with him before you have to audition. Rob usually has the casting director put you on tape, and then he’ll look at the tape. So, I auditioned for Halloween II. I got the scene where I talk about shagging the corpses and then I got a phone call about a week later saying Rob Zombie wants you to be in Halloween II. I was over the moon, really excited by that. I was also terrified because I only knew Rob from his music and films, I hadn’t met him, so I thought he was going to be this mad crazy bad man because that’s the impression you get, especially if you watch his concerts. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him live but it’s quite an experience. 

HP: Yes I have. 

RB: I got to Atlanta where we were filming it – I’m a vegetarian and Rob’s a vegan. So I remember standing outside of my trailer chatting with Rob about vegan cheese because I can’t seem to give up cheese and Rob was telling me how great it was. I thought, oh my God, I’m sitting here with Rob Zombie talking about vegan cheese, he’s nothing like I thought. He turned out to be one of the most creative, inspiring, down to earth, just a really gentle people that I know. He’s got a huge heart and an incredible imagination. From the moment I met him, I was hooked. I love the guy, he’s without a doubt my favorite director. 

HP: Wow, that’s awesome. Once RZ likes an actor and uses him in his film, he tends to use a lot of the same actors over and over again.

RB: Yeah, so I was very grateful.

HP: You seem to belong to his group of actors. I love what you do and I love the roles that you’ve played so it’s great to see you in RZ’s movies. 

RB: Yeah. I was excited and then of course getting – the next time I heard from him because I love working with Rob. He’ll go off on tour and then he’ll be making an album then all of a sudden you’ll get a text saying “what are you doing in five months or four months, whatever it is” That happened with 31 and it happened with 3 From Hell. With 31 of course, I got sent the script and he said he wanted me to play Doom Head and I was blown away. I learned subsequently, he had to really fight for me to play that role because I was some well-known actor or anything at the time. I didn’t know it then or I would’ve been even more nervous about it. Yeah, he really fought for me and we really had a blast shooting it. The result was…I’m really proud of that film and proud of Doom Head. Then the same thing happened again with 3 From Hell, I got that text and then I chatted with Rob and Sherri was with him. He said, “I’m finally going to make a sequel to Devil’s Rejects”. I said Wow! He wanted me to play Foxy. I was again really honored that he offered me such an amazing part. 

HP: Yes, it was an incredible part and I loved how you played him in the movie. You did such a great job.

RB: Thank you.

HP: In the movie 3 From Hell, you play who they call the Midnight Wolfman, Foxy, the half-brother of Otis and Baby. Would you say you’re one of the three from Hell or does that include, I mean I won’t divulge what happens to Capt. Spaulding in the movie but he’s one of the original “3” from Hell?

RB: I don’t know, I mean, I think looking at the advertising. I think it’s more that Foxy brings a whole new – Foxy’s not trying to repeat anything that’s gone before. The character he created brings very much a different flavor to the whole world. I never approached it as anything other than I’m just coming in and bringing in this character Foxy that Rob’s written and the energy and flavor of what he’s going to bring to the world that Rob has already created. Then it’s my job to bring in Foxy’s energy to see how that affects and changes things. 

I think it’s very much our relationship, the three of us, Baby and Otis, Foxy. I had a lot of fun creating that relationship and that seemed to gel really well while we were filming it. People are saying it came across in the film really well. So that ‘s really nice to hear.

HP: Yeah, you all three seemed to have a really great relationship. So, at my own risk, I almost wouldn’t call 3 From Hell a horror film. To me, it’s more like a sort of crime – road thriller. Would you agree with that

RB: No, no I think it still fits the genre. I mean there’s plenty of brutality and violence throughout. Rob’s films kind of cross genres, which is why I think people love them so much. I know we even go down to Mexico on this one. There’s a little touch of other stuff. What I love about Rob is that he doesn’t tie himself into any one thing.

HP: I know we’re running out of time. I just have one more question for you. What do you have coming up that you would like to talk about?

RB: Oh, obviously I’m really excited about 3 From Hell. I did a movie called Perfect Skin which is a psychological horror. That’s available now on VOD. It’s a small, little independent film called Perfect Skin. I always tease – I’m a pop-up actor. I sort of pop up a lot in things. I usually do something really bad and end up getting killed. I pop up in a lot of stuff in the next year. But this one, I’m really, really proud of 3 From Hell. I really want the film to get out there and for people to watch the mayhem that we create. 

HP: I want to say I love the movie, you did a great job. Rob’s movies seem to garner cult followings so I think you’ve cemented yourself in the world of cult films by appearing in Rob’s movies, especially 3 From Hell. I think everybody is going to love what you do in this movie.

RB: Thank you man, I really appreciate you saying that. It means a lot. You never know, so I’m very excited about everyone seeing it. 

HP: Good luck with the movie and have a good day!

RB: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you. 

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