Comic Crypt: Hack/Slash vs Chaos #1 Preview!

Hack/Slash vs Chaos #1

writer: Tim Seeley

artist: Rapha Lobosco

covers: Tim Seeley (A)

              Craig Cermak (B)

              Kyle Strahm  (C)

              Purgatori Seduction (RI)

              Lady Demon Seduction (RI)

              Craig Cermak (RI-Virg)

              Kyle Strahm (RI-B/W)

              Tim Seeley (RI-Virg)

FC  |  32 pages  |  Horror  |  $3.99  |   Mature 

Cassie Hack, Slasher Hunter Supreme, thought she’d gotten rid of those teenager-perforating undead menaces. But now they’re suddenly springing back to life! Cassie and Vlad are going to have to team up with megadeath dispenser Evil Ernie to stop the slaughter, putting them on a path that appears to lead through Chastity, the Chosen, and Purgatori! Tim Seeley returns to his beloved creations to pit them against the world’s greatest horror universe and brings back some of the series’ most beloved slashers!

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