New Werewolf Short Film WEREHOUSE Needs Some Kickstarter Help!

UK filmmaker Daniel Mark Young and his Viral Films UK production company are currently in pre-production on a badass sounding werewolf short film entitled, WEREHOUSE. The film will be in black & white with only the color red for the bloody sequences. The filmmakers have a Kickstarter campaign in full swing and need your help to get this movie made. Get all the details on the project and why you should help Werehouse get made after the break.


From The Press Release

Our aim at Viral Films UK is to create Low Budget, High Concept films with a focus on great story-telling. Straight off the heels of “For Her…” A film which subverted audience expectations and achieved favorable reviews, we wanted to do something that felt very different and maybe unexpected.

“The concept of ‘Werehouse’ really came from the play on words first rather than us saying ‘Let’s do a werewolf film next!’ It was born very organically and the flow of ideas were very natural and all that came from just having a title in mind.” – Daniel Mark Young (Producer/Director)

Plot Synopsis

When a peaceful protest erupts into a full-blown riot, a trio of University Students who are caught in the middle seek refuge in a warehouse. Little do they realise that tonight is the one night of the month they really should’ve stayed out.

The Kickstarter will run from February 15th for 45 days and if successful will mean we are on schedule to shoot “Werehouse” in late April (During a full moon) in Chelmsford, Essex, UK at the Plumbing Distribution Company Ltd.

The shoot will last 3 days/nights and will go into post-production early May. Our estimated runtime will be around 15 minutes and we will aim for an October 31st release date for Amazon Instant Video.

We have one of the UK’s biggest FX Companies working on the wolf (But they would prefer it if we left them out of the campaign side of the film for now).

Our main aim with Werehouse is to create a stylish yet ultimately terrifying short film that is realistic in its portrayal of regular people caught in a life or death situation and having to challenge their own beliefs in order to survive.

It’s as much about the people in the situation and how they react as it is about the werewolf and the horror aspects of which there will be plenty.

For us, it is important to write strong yet flawed characters that don’t fall into the trappings of the usual horror cliches and actually make smart decisions.

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