Official Trailer for THE CAMPUS!

Here is the official trailer for the upcoming horror movie, THE CAMPUS. The film is written and directed by J. Horton.

The film is set to be released on – January 26, 2018 in select theaters; – February 1, 2018 on VOD.

The Campus stars Rachel Amanda Bryant, Brit Sheridan, and Robert Pullman.

Plot Synopsis

Five years after being disowned, Morgan (Rachel Amanda Bryant) returns to town for her estranged father’s funeral. She’s there to steal his collection of South American Antiques in order to cover the debt she’s currently drowning in. Little does she know that her father had gained the antiques and his fortune through a deal with the devil. The only catch was he had to sacrifice his first born child on her 18th birthday. Being young and single, he thought he would never have kids and made the deal.
After having Morgan, he couldn’t go through with the sacrifice. So just before her 18th birthday, he disowned and pushed her away.
After disturbing a specific artifact linked to the deal, Morgan finds herself terrorized by the Devil himself, manifesting in five different forms, each to collect a different piece of her soul. Each time a piece is taken Morgan dies and is resurrected again. With each death, the Devil gets a step closer to owning Morgan’s soul forever. In order to defeat the Devil, Morgan must discover the truth about her father, let go of her misplaced hatred and learn to love again. Only then can she destroy the artifact and escape the cycle of terror.

Watch the trailer here courtesy of Dread Central:

Source: Teaser trailer

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