South Carolina Emergency Management Issues Warning About Increased Lizard Man Activity During Solar Eclipse!

Yes that’s right folks, Monday’s total solar eclipse across most of the United States might bring an unusual amount of paranormal activity during the event. South Carolina’s Emergency Management Division has issued a paranormal activity warning for the state during the eclipse.

The paranormal activity warning is in regards to the Lizard Man, a state urban legend who’s sightings have been reported for decades.

According to state sources: “For those unfamiliar with South Carolina’s iconic monster, the Lizard Man is a roaming reptilian man whose sightings date back to 1988. The Lizard Man is most often described as a seven-foot-tall scaly creature with glowing red eyes.”

Officials warn that the Solar Eclipse may account for unusually high levels of paranormal activity. In fact, the SCEMD issued a map of the creature’s possible whereabouts during the day.

The Lizard Man is often associated with Scape Ore Swamp in Lee County, the spot where he was supposedly first sighted.

While this scenario may sound like something out of a horror film, officials are encouraging residents and visitors to South Carolina to “remain ever vigilant.”

There’s no evidence that the Lizard Man could be out and about during the solar eclipse, yet this official warning ensures that all residents remain as aware as possible.

Below is the original Tweet as posted by the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, complete with a map of expected sightings:

Take this warning at face value folks but if you live in South Carolina, I would keep my head on a swivel during the eclipse because…what if?

If the state of South Carolina has issued this paranormal activity warning what might be going on in other states during the eclipse? You just never know.

Source: Only In Your State

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