Horror Icon Bill Oberst Jr. Slashes His Way To Home Video With DITCH DAY!

Here at Horror Patch we’re huge fans of horror heavyweight Bill Oberst Jr. as one of his best roles is now available on Amazon. In DITCH DAY, he plays a cold-blooded killer who’s out to make those who have wronged him pay…with their lives. Keep reading on to find out more about this film and how you can watch for yourselves.

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From The Press Release

Horror fans who love the classics like Friday The 13th, Sleep Away Camp and The Shining should be on the lookout for Ditch Day now available on Amazon. Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) delivers a chilling performance as “Vick”, the revenge driven, axe wielding villain on a mission to seek out those who have wrong him and make them pay.

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The film has created a buzz in the international markets for delivering the blood guts and story. Michael Juvinall, formerly with horrorsociety.com now writing for horrorpatch.com, “Ditch Day is horror done right! It’s exciting, with a great story, great acting, and lots of blood! This is another damn fine performance by Bill Oberst Jr.”

The North American Amazon release now titled Ditch Day follows a string of successful International releases under the film’s original title Ditch Day Massacre. The film has gone on to win Best Feature Film-Horror; at The Burbank International Film Festival.

Producer Megan Waters commented: “We are excited to release to the US market on Amazon, as we had such a warm international reception. My co-producer (Daniel P. Coughlin) and I aimed to create a film that would entertain and thrill horror fans around the world while honoring the classics we grew up with.”

The film does just that with detailed, complex and delicious kills at the hands of a suit and tie dressed psychopath. Fun fact about this indie film that really shows the team’s dedication to paying homage to the classics, is all gore effects were executed in camera. No CGI was used to chop up the stellar cast in this campy fun joy ride of a horror film. Josh and Sierra Russell, husband and wife special effects team, really took the script and supercharged the gore giving life and dimension to the flying appendages and guts that spills forth. So much so that some scenes had to be deleted from the German version of the film to allow its release on Amazon Germany.

Ditch Day delivers the fun on all levels from gore, sex, drugs and quotable campy lines, to its off the wall random characters and cameo appearances by farm animals and under water creatures. The film even has a drinking game that involves shot gunning a beer every time one sees a random Gnome. It is impossible to not have fun watching this film.

With the seasoned talents of Bill Oberst Jr. and Lynn Lowry (The Crazies) also comes new scream queen, Katy Foley (The OG Girls) who plays the role of Jenny, an honor student with a haunting past. Some innocent Ditch Day fun soon turns deadly for her and 5 friends played by Zach Silverman (Tell Gordon), Kyle Morris (Avenged), Pandie Suicide (a “Suicide Girl”), Gabriel De Santi (Dawn Patrol) and Samantha Dawn (Cathy).

Not only does the cast deliver an entertaining and blood soaked ride, but so does the sound track, featuring music from indie band Swirl. Swirl who also has a strong International fan base. Swirl’s founder and lead guitar player, DT remarked: “We were honored and thrilled to have 3 of our songs included in the film’s sound track. We hope fans around the globe enjoy our music and check out our full album.”

Watch Now: http://thefilmditch.com/watch-now/
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