Metal Blade Records launches new edition of “6 Bands in 60 Seconds”

Metal Blade Records is back with their Winter 2017 edition of 6 Bands in 60 Seconds! This time around, the bands include Anaal Nathrakh, Ravencult, Wovenwar, Oni, Evocation and Nova Collective. Watch the video clip down below to check out these great metal bands.

From The Press Release

In conjunction with RED Music, Metal Blade Records has launched a new edition of the “6 Bands in 60 Seconds” campaign, where CEO Brian Slagel spotlights six artists from the label’s roster every three months. The goal of the promotion is to help fans discover new music from some of the most promising acts in the scene. The latest installment of the series features Anaal Nathrakh, Ravencult, Wovenwar, Oni, Evocation and Nova Collective; to watch the video clip, and to learn more about the artists, please visit:

Anaal Nathrakh was created for one purpose – to be the soundtrack for Armageddon, the audial essence of evil, hatred and violence, the true spirit of necro taken to its musical extremes. Since 1999, they have gained a reputation for embodying precisely these things – and now, with their new record, The Whole of the Law, Anaal Nathrakh has reached the very height of their twisted powers. Marrying their trademark ferocity and against-all-reason-catchiness with a reinvigorated sense of focus and insane hatred, The Whole of the Law “is one of the best things the band turned out in its entire career” (9/10, For more information, please visit:

Originating from Athens, Greece, Ravencult was spawned to revive the relentless side of black/thrash metal, bringing forth an unpolished, organic sound to manifest their morbid darkness. With their latest album, Force Of Profanation, they dive even deeper into the abyss of metal obscurity, delivering a merciless barrage of metallic death that continues the tradition of their trademark conceptual axis: revenge, horror and mocking of all that is holy. For more information, please visit:

With their sophomore effort, Honor Is Dead, Wovenwar has expanded upon the ruthlessly catchy melodies and hooks of their self-titled debut, making for a listening experience with real depth, and a broad emotional range. Driven by a darker lyrical theme, the album’s 11 tracks hit with devastating force, capturing a group that sounds truly unified, and hungry. For more information, please visit:

With their influences rooted in progressive metal, Oni‘s sound can be compared to the genre’s heavy hitters – The Human Abstract, Protest The Hero and Between The Buried And Me – yet they remain truly unique. With Jake Oni handling vocal duties, Martin Andres and Brandon White on guitar, Chase Bryant on bass and Joe Greulich on drums, they are also perhaps the first metal band to feature a xylosynth player, Johnny D, which adds an intriguing dynamic to the nine songs found on Ironshore. On the album track “The Only Cure”, Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe also contributes his inimitable style – resulting in one of the record’s heaviest moments. For more information, please visit:

On March 10th, Evocation will celebrate their return to death metal with the stunning new album, The Shadow Archetype. While honoring their Swedish death metal roots, The Shadow Archetype also adds thrash metal elements to their addictive, heavy sound. For more information, please visit:

Featuring members of Between the Buried and Me, Haken, Trioscapes, and Cynic, Nova Collective will release their debut album, The Further Side, on March 10th. Nova Collective‘s music can be described as fusion, weaving progressive rock influences with world music, jazz and classical, to create something entirely new that is pure aural candy for prog/jazz fans. For more information, please visit:

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