NAILS Movie Trailer Debut!

We have another trailer debut for you guys. This time around it’s for another supernatural thriller entitled Nails. It stars Shauna Macdonald and is written and directed by Tom Abrams. Check it out below.

There is no official release date as of yet for the film.

It is written and directed by Tom Abrams.

The cast stars Shauna Macdonald, Steve Wall, Ross Noble, Leah McNamara, Charlotte Bradley, Dennis Bartok, Robert O’Mahoney, Trish Groves, Kreeta Taponen, Muireann D’Arcy, Amelia de Buyl Pisco, Conor Scott, Conor Scott, and Richard Foster-King.

Plot Synopsis

This intense and claustrophobic thriller centers on a happily married track coach and mother, Dana Milgrom (Shauna Macdonald), who’s survived a near-death car accident only to find herself paralyzed and trapped inside her own body. Forced to communicate via an artificial voice program and hooked to a breathing machine, she becomes convinced that a terrifying presence called ‘Nails’ (Richard Foster-King) exists inside her hospital room. No one believes her – not even her own husband (Steve Wall) and doctors, who think she’s experiencing a mental breakdown.

nails nails2

Source: Teaser-trailer

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