Blackened Death Metal Artists AZARATH Sign With Agonia Records!

Polish blackened death metal miscreants Azarath have announced their signing with Agonia Records. The band is expecting to release a new album this April with the label. In the meantime get more details on the record deal after the break.

From The Press Release

Polish black/death metal tyrants AZARATH have signed a new record deal with Agonia Records. Their last release with the label was the 2009 offering “Praise The Beast”. The band is excpected to release a new album, successor to “Blasphemers’ Maledictions” from six years ago, this April.

Described by as a “demonic mutation of Krisiun and Behemoth with shades of Immolation”, AZARATH stand up to their wicked name. The band’s death metal is crisp, black, and while it possesses the charm of their American counterparts, it remains open-minded and organic. This should not come as a surprise, considering the band’s impressive line-up and cemented position as one the the best Polish acts of the genre.

AZARATH crept from the shadows almost two decades ago, by the will of Inferno (of longtime Behemoth fame) and then-members Bruno and D. Six albums later, the band’s line-up is shaped by the said Behemoth drummer, together with Bart (Armagedon, Damnation) on guitars, Necrosodom (Anima Damnata, Deus Mortem, ex-Infernal War) on vocals and guitars, as well as Peter (ex-Lost Soul) on bass.


Both the debut album “Demon Seed” (2001) as well as its follow-up “Infernal Blasting” (2003) have established AZARATH as a medium for ungodly sonic terror. The group caught momentum right away, setting several Polish cities aflame while accompanying Vader on their “Revelations 2002” tour and by playing selected headline shows. The year 2006 saw the release of another sulphurous whip, “Diabolic Impious Evil”. The album was followed by the “Blitzkrieg IV” and “Legions of Death Attack” tours with Vader, Trauma, Stillborn and Deception respectively. AZARATH‘s notoriety continued to rise.

2009 was a breakthrough time for AZARATH. In May, the fourth full-length, “Praise the Beast” was unleashed upon the world via Agonia Records. The group has decimated the audiences at such events as Inferno Festival (Norway), Devilstone Fest (Lithuania) and Party.San Metal Open Air (Germany). In October, the horde was part of the “Nowa Ewangelia” tour on which it spread terror with Behemoth inter alia.

The congregation recorded the “Holy Possession” single and the fifth album entitled “Blasphemers’ Maledictions” in 2011. The latter can easily be perceived as AZARATH‘s most sophisticated work to date. While maintaining the sense of venomous blasphemy, the record adds a multitude of new qualities to the band’s sound such as sinister atmosphere and eerie melodies. The Poles supported this effort on the domestic tour with the legendary Bulldozer, Witchmaster and Deus Mortem, as well as Hatefest 2011 featuring Triptykon, Marduk and Kataklysm, and numerous European festivals.


After rejoining forces with Agonia Records, AZARATH is ready to shed some blood upon the altar once again in 2017.

Inferno – drums
Bart – guitars
Necrosodom – vocals/guitars
Peter – bass

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